BriefingMilano Good logo, bad design ideas

Good logo, bad design ideas…
Simple tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes

Designing a good logo it’s no easy task – never!
Anyway, some common mistakes may (and should) be avoided keeping in mind some simple tricks.

BriefingMilano Good logo, bad design ideas

Trick #1: Think of a long-lasting, time-proof logo.
Some of your favorite brand logos are older than you, why? Because some logo design are timeless since they were almost perfectly designed.

Trick #2: Wise and savy use of typefaces.
Typefaces and fonts should be used carefully: few of them in the same design and weel paired.

Trick #3: Keep in mind every resolution (and raster graphics too).
Think big (and hi-res): small details get relevant when displayed on different devices and resolution.

Trick #4: Suggest rather than explain.
Best logos are able to suggest the business and action they represent; they’re unlikely to give a full explanation.

Trick #5: Keep-it-simple!
Good design calls for simplicity: a good, nice, crystal-clear message is all we need.

Trick #6: Be inspired, don’t copy.
This is by far the best rule of it all!



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